About Mochizuki Denial

The purpose of this blog is to promote the anti-scientific belief that will henceforth be known as Mochizuki denial.

Recently many anti-scientific beliefs have been tagged by their opponents with the derogatory term denial. The widely held scientific belief which we seek to deny is that Shinichi Mochizuki has made a serious claim of a proof of the ABC conjecture. How does everyone know it is serious? Well, it says so right here in the wikipedia page:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abc_conjecture

Mochizuki deniers by contrast believe that the claim is not serious. They believe that the body of Mochizuki’s work contains neither a proof outline nor ideas powerful enough to resolve the ABC conjecture. We might be wrong. How do we propose to determine whether or not we are. In contrast to Mochizuki boosters on the internet, we will do this by determining what it is that Mochizuki’s papers purport to do. Stay tuned.

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